The company owns an energetic professional team, who are engaged in international logistics operation,

has establish a whole set of efficient and rigorous logistics operation process, relying on professional logistics

software platform and combining of long-term actual business operation experience, and has formed an

intensified networked and specialized operation system. At present, LSH has established an agency

network, which covers main areas of the world taking sea and air freight line as the link through the

cooperation with each large shipping companies and airline companies of Shanghai, and provides good

logistics services for the clients around the world.


Ocean Shipping
■Space booking, trailer of container, loading and unloading, storage and distribution as well as customs

brokerage for full container loads for import and export goods.
■Devanning, allocation and distribution services for LCL cargos.
■Provide EWX and DDP/DDU, and provide door-to-door service as well as extended services both at

home and abroad.
■Sea & air service, major bulks, dangerous goods, refrigerated goods as well as other special services.
■Provide all the trade cooperation services as well as insurance agency services, including import & export

return of goods, in bond and customs transit.
■Cheap freight, speedy information about shipping space, thoughtful service and global agency network.

Air freight
■Import and export air freight from China to everywhere of the world.
■Door-to-airport pick up goods service.
■Goods packing, storage and individual special packing services.
■customs brokerage and insurance services.
■Provide laser reinsurance policy service.
■Door-to-airport freight depot GPS supervisory safety measures, goods tracking services.
■Connection with other agents while the goods arriving at the storage.
■Door-to-door service.
■“Sea & Air” service.

Express delivery
■Global delivery of goods to customers and documents.
■DHL, FEDEX, TNT and UPS international express services.
■International special line service.
■International import express service.

Customs brokerage
■Provide services about import & export procedures, including handling customs brokerages and form free

entry filing & registration, etc. for import and export goods.
■Provide customs matters service on the site of each sea and air port of the major cities in China.
■Senior operating team provides fast and professional services.
■Provide individual services for special clients.
■Good services ensure the client’s maximum value.

Cargo insurance
■Commit all kinds of cargo insurances.
■Have signed agreements with many insurance companies enjoying favorable premium rate.
■ Provide consultation about procedures for claims.